Missouri Tax Changes

Tax Changes in Missouri (2019-2020)

Tax Changes in Missouri We are now in the second year of the Tax Reform law changes, and Missouri has also prepared some tax changes. Starting in 2019, your Missouri tax rate has a 5.4% maximum, and in 2020 it’s going to go down to 5.1% as long as you meet certain criteria. This is […]

New law provides a variety of tax breaks to businesses and employers

While you were celebrating the holidays, you may not have noticed that Congress passed a law with a grab bag of provisions that provide tax relief to businesses and employers. The “Further Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2020” was signed into law on December 20, 2019. It makes many changes to the tax code, including an extension […]


Congress gives a holiday gift in the form of favorable tax provisions

As part of a year-end budget bill, Congress just passed a package of tax provisions that will provide savings for some taxpayers. The White House has announced that President Trump will sign the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020 into law. It also includes a retirement-related law titled the Setting Every Community Up for Retirement […]

Wayfair revisited — It’s time to review your sales tax obligations

In its 2018 decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld South Dakota’s “economic nexus” statute, expanding the power of states to collect sales tax from remote sellers. Today, nearly every state with a sales tax has enacted a similar law, so if your company does business across state lines, it’s a […]

Client Review on Wamhoff Accounting Services

Here at Wamhoff Accounting, we take pride in providing quality, personal service to all of our clients. We know that having the right partner for taxes and accounting can be transformative, and we love impacting lives for the better! One of our clients, Dena Woulfe, shares how Wamhoff Accounting has helped her manage her business, […]

Side gig

Do you have a side gig? Make sure you understand your tax obligations

The number of people engaged in the “gig” or sharing economy has grown in recent years, according to a 2019 IRS report. And there are tax consequences for the people who perform these jobs, such as providing car rides, renting spare bedrooms, delivering food, walking dogs or providing other services. Basically, if you receive income […]